Time Saving Freebies

Minutes matter.  Imagine being involved in an accident.  You survive but are badly hurt and go to the hospital, but nobody knows who to call to tell them you are hurt.

Did you know that you could help yourself – NOW – for free?

There are a few things that are available that you are able to input your information that can be accessed in case of an emergency.

The first way is by using the Emergency Contact Information form located on the PennDot website.  Using your credentials you can designate 2 contacts to be notified.  This information is available to police and 911 Centers throughout Pennsylvania.

The second way is by using the Smart911 website.  Here’s how it works.  You create an account that lets you tell about yourself, family members, emergency contacts, medical conditions of family members and a whole lot of other Mail Boxes

Mailboxes with small numbers are hard to see at night and don’t tell us which house is yours.

information.  That information is securely stored until you call 911.  911 Centers that participate in the program (Luzerne County 911 does), are able to see the information only when you call 911.  The information you can provide though the Smart911 website can save time and provide emergency responders with the information you provided.  Smart911 works in Luzerne County and throughout the United States if the 911 Center participates.   Please see the other information that is posted on our website.

Do you have an iPhone?  If you do, you can easily put in your medical information and emergency contacts.  This information is available – even when your phone is locked.



Please take a minute to set up these potentially life saving things today!  Help us to help you!